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Appointment Reminders - DOX sends phone, text or e-mail appointment reminders to patients automatically !

We all know the importance of reminding patients of upcoming appointments - No more wasting staff time performing the essential task of calling patients !


         e-Eligibility Checks 

e-Eligibiity checks can be performed to reduce denial of claims. These feature can be used regardless of the billing method you use ( DOX internal billing, outsource/ 3rd party billing or our bridge to many of the most commonly used billing apps !)

                Single Day View

Dox Single Day View is an editable page that allows you to customize appointment during and numbers of patients per time slot. Also users can customize colors based on patient complaints, numbered slot, status( new, established, surgical, etc)- and many other features ! 


                   Week View

View your work week at a single glance ! Allows you to balance patient loads to your  preference and plan your work week to maximize efficiency !


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DOX Front Office provides many features including but not limited to: Scheduling ( multiple views), Demographics, Insurance, Patient Reminders, e- Eligibilty checks and much more . . . .

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