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10/11/18            System maintenance announcement

DOX will be performing system maintenance this weekend - Saturday & Sunday 10/13/18 - 10/14/18. The maintenance will begin at 12:00 noon EST/ 9:00 AM PST. This may effect service during the maintenance process.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this creates; however, weekend maintenance enables us be business as usual by Monday morning.                     Thank you and as always, we appreciate your continued use and support of DOX EMR.

12/11/16            Meaningful Use Reminder

Please be sure you are completing the 3 components required for Meaningful Use:

1.CMS reports – these are the reports that have always been submitted

Failure to submit is a 3 % payment penalty


2. PQRS – These must be submitted separately now, either through your CMS physician portal or through the Registry.

Also be aware that the new guidelines for PQRS take effect this year, 2016. This Segues into MACRA and MIPS, which is how CMS will judge healthcare providers in the future.

There are now 2 components to PQRS:

   A. Simple Reporting- We are required to report on 9 individual measure OR 1    group measure

            Failure on this is 2 % Payment penalty

   B. Performance – you must report on 50% or above to  meet the performance rating 

          Failure on this is another 2 % Payment penalty

Failure to submit anything for PQRS is an automatic 4 % Payment penalty.


3. Registry – Submit required files to either Wound Registry or Med Express.

Failure to submit is a 3 % Payment penalty

Failure to participate/ submitting nothing for Meaningful Use will be a 10% Payment penalty !

Deadline for submitting CMS and PQRS is 2/28/17 – but don’t wait !

DOX is here to assist you to avoid these penalties !

Contact us today with questions or schedule a phone discussion.


Oct. 7, 2015

DOX will be running system updates this weekend  10/9 – 10/12.

We will be offline beginning Friday evening 9:00 PM EST/ 6:00 PM PST and

DOX will resume service Saturday by 9:00 AM EST/ 6:00 AM PST, to allow Saturday office hrs.

We will then go offline at 6:00 PM EST/ 3:00 PM PST on Saturday and will resume by 9:00 AM EST/ 6:00 AM PST Monday.



           ICD-10 Release Update

July 30,2015

DOX will be releasing ICD-10 in 2 Stages:


Stage 1- Testing Stage


Testing stage will be released the 1st week of August. In this stage, you will simply see the new ICD 10 codes listed next to the ICD 9 code on the DIAGNOSIS page of DOX PA. Following the identical format DOX created for ICD9, you will simply choose the appropriate DIAGNOSIS. Your billing summary/ superbill will be created just as in the past,  simply with the new ICD-10 code next to the old ICD 9 code.   For this initial testing, we recommend sending  5 -10 claims to EACH of your carriers ( Medicare, Blue Shield, United, Aetna, etc)

Select  diagnoses that are used most frequently ( plantar fasciitis, onychomycosis, Hallux valgus,  etc ).  Be sure the insurance carrier can accept the ICD-10 code and please be sure to report any issues to DOX.


Tip: you will notice there are 2 different ICD 10 codes. For ICD-10, frequently, but not always there is a different code for the left side vs the right side. The left side is always the higher of the 2 numbers, the right side is the lower of the 2 numbers


Tip 2: Do not use trauma codes for this early testing ( Fractures, Dislocations, Sprains, etc). These codes are the most involved to submit correctly. We will be sending out helpful tips  via the announcement page during Aug and Sept on the proper submission of these ICD-10 codes


Link to helpful ICD-10 online article: 



Stage 2 – Final Implementation


This stage will be released the 1st week in September.  In this stage, DOX will implement our auto selection of the correct left or right side code, based on the anatomy you choose for the case. At this point, on the constrained list, you will see only 2 codes on the DIAGNOSIS page: the previous ICD 9 code and the ICD 10 code for the left or right anatomical side you selected. This will make learning the correct ICD 10 codes more seamless for physicians and staff, as we move to the required October 1 start date.

Note: DOX will continue to display the ICD 9 codes for approximately one year ( Oct 2016) to allow for:

  • Learning the ICD9 – ICD 10 equivalents

  • For Any Insurance carriers that may have issue receiving the ICD 10 codes- our customers will still have access to the ICD 9 codes, so either can be submitting. This should insure no disruption in billing.

Please continue to watch the announcement page closely – we will continue to post new tips that will be helpful during the transition to ICD-10.  




DOX is now CERTIFIED for Meaningful  Use stage 2 !



Jan 22, 2015


** Important to Note:  the deadline for attestation for 2014 is

                 February 28, 2015.

          DOX has built in automation and tools that make qualifying

           for Meaningful  Use very attainable.

           Please contact us today to schedule a meeting to review your status


           Dr Bart Ripperger -

           Jennifer Leckman -



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