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Partners and Ownership Opportunities

DOX EMR is currently looking to expand its partnerships in ALL medical specialties

Tired and frustrated with the limitations of your current EMR?  Tired of not being able to customize functionality and chart note content to your specialty?  Tired of EMR being inconvenient, not meeting your needs and a constant income drain?  

DOX EMR is currently looking to expand its customization in ALL medical specialties, including surgical centers and hospitals. 

DOX EMR has 2 unique opportunities:

1. Ability to fully customize chart note content to Your specialty- including customized work flows and more. Meet your needs and expectations.

2. Ownership opportunities - once you have customized content and workflow -  turn your EMR system into an income generating machine

DOX is particularly interested in partnering with Hospitals 

Sound interesting to make these changes to your EMR for your office/hospital?   Contact us today! 

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