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             Chart Note Creation:

                   C. Treatments

—C. Treatments – select treatments for today- office visit, x-ray, labs, procedures, etc.

             Chart note creation:

                    B. Diagnosis

—B. Diagnosis –   select desired diagnosis


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                       DOX PA

                Medical History 

Medical histories are completed by the patient online, from home in the patient portal. All medical histories, medications and allergies are then displayed in DOX PA instantly ! can be reviewed and updated as needed

            Chart note creation                                 in 3 simple steps :


                 A. Anatomy

—       A. Anatomy –  select affected                                     anatomical location

            Chart note created


From these simple steps, DOX creates the detailed chart note

And . . . . 

DOX PA ( Physician Assistant)

DOX PA is the central hub that will allow you to simply and efficiently manage all aspects of patient care. DOX contains the most complete, pre-built, specialty specific data base available. Every diagnosis, treatment, chart note, operative report, referrals, prescriptions, orders and billing codes for nearly every condition are already in the DOX system. No templates to build, no customization required. Ready to use on day one ! 


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