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DOX provides each of your patients their own private, secure portal. Patients can set their own login and passwords if they choose. You as the provider always have the ability to reset passwords, so access control is always yours as the provider !

Once logged into their portal, patients can see upcoming appointments and all options. 

Patient portal   home page

Providers can send clinical summaries, lab results, radiology reports and secure messages to our patients via the portal ! All secure, HIPAA compliant and allows us to meet Meaningful Use requirements !

Patients can complete their medical history online, from home, before they get to your office ! The DOX medical history is 98% all simple point and click - your patient read the question - check the box that applies to them and advances to the next question.

Extreme simplicity yields high compliance and usage by our patients !

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         Secure Communications
Medical History

DOX Patient Portal 

The DOX Patient Portal is easily accessed by our patients and enables facilitates superior communication with our patients. The patient portal allows patients to enter and update their medical history before they ever get to our office ! The patient portal also enables us to send lab results, radiology results, secure communications and much more, all at the simple click of a button !

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