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DOX Billing

DOX has billing options to accommodate every practice. 1)  DOX has a bridge that moves billing codes generated by the physicians into many of the most commonly used billing applications - Lytec, Medisoft, GE Centricity and many others ! see X-Link for list.  This option eliminates need for changing your current billing application - call us to see if your currently billing application is included in this offering !  2) 3rd party billing/ RCM ( Revenue Cycle Management)- DOX has relationships with many 3rd party billers. This eliminates the need for you to fax, e-mail or ship superbills ! We can work with your 3rd party biller making the transmission of billing codes more easier and more efficient !

The DOX Biling bridge moves billing codes created by the provider during chart note creation into many of the most commonly used billing applications !

If you are satsified with your current billing app - DOX can most likely bridge billing codes- so billing staff does not need to learn a new system - your office benefits from increase efficiency !


               e-Eligibility Checks

E-eligibility checks - both batch and real time available !


                         Patient Ledger                               viewed from 3rd party or DOX billing view

DOX has relationships with the top 3rd party billers. Billing companies can receive billing code/ superbill details automatically eliminating need for staff to ship, scan or fax superbills ! 

             DOX Billing Bridge

         DOX 3rd party billing / RCM                               partners   

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